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Grand Trail Drive

Project Overview

Grand Trail Drive is a 36 lot subdivision located in Wells Maine.  This project included the construction of a half mile of paved roadway, two underdrain soil filters, one wet pond, underground power and communications, and other site improvements.  This rocky and hilly terrain required weeks of blasting to excavate down to subgrade.  Crews then worked to shape the wet pond, install the underground soil filters, and install cross culverts under the roadway.  Roadway gravels were then placed and fine graded, power and communications conduit was installed and the roadway surface was paved.  Within one year of completion of this project all but one lot had been sold.

At a Glance

Owner: Home Innovations

Location: Wells, Maine

Project Value: $720,000

Engineer: BH2M

Project Data

Stump Removal: 5 Acres

Erosion Control Berm: 3,600 LF

Common Excavation: 9,200 CY

Rock Excavation: 7,000 CY

Roadway Gravels: 6,500 CY

Storm Drain Pipe: 880 LF

Underdrain Pipe: 900 LF

Electrical and Communications Conduit: 3,500 LF

Loam: 1,300 CY

Harrison Lyseth Elementary School

Project Overview

The Lyseth Elementary School project was located in Portland’s North Deering community next to Lyman Moore Middle School. This was a multi phased project as both Lyseth and Lyman Moore schools were in session as this project progressed. Crews worked to upgrade the existing drainage system; tie in new underground power, water, sewer, and communication lines to the existing infrastructure; install new site lighting; excavate and backfill multiple foundation additions; reconstruct multiple roadways, parking, and sidewalk areas; construct multiple wood fiber play areas; install retaining walls; relocate existing modular classroom; and complete other miscellaneous on-site landscape and hardscape improvements. This project was completed on schedule over three construction seasons and with minimal disturbance to the school staff and students due to the dedicated construction crews coupled with effective communication between all contractors, designers, and school administration.

At a Glance

Owner: Portland Public Schools

Location: Portland, Maine

Project Value: $2,115,000

Engineer: Harriman

Project Data

Excavation: 13,250 CY

Foundation Fill: 5,500 CY

Subbase and Base Gravels: 5,300 CY

Drainage Structures: 20

Storm Drain Piping: 2,350 LF

Foundation Drain Piping: 700 LF

Water Main: 630 LF

Electrical and Communications Conduit: 1,650 LF

Granite Curb: 900 LF

West Gardiner Roundabout

Project Overview

On March 2, 2015, the Maine Department of Transportation awarded the West Gardiner Roundabout project to Peters Construction. The roundabout, located on Routes 9 and 126 at the intersection with the Maine Turnpike Exit 102 interchange ramps and the entrance to the West Gardiner Service Plaza, was constructed in large part to address safety issues at this intersection that appeared following the opening of the service plaza. Crews worked around the clock to complete this project in just over eight months’ time with minimal disruption to the traveling public. Since the completion of the roundabout, this intersection has been removed from MaineDOT’s list of known high crash locations.

At a Glance

Owner: Maine Department of Transportation

Location: West Gardiner, Maine

Project Value: $1,700,000

Engineer: Maine Department of Transportation

Project Data

Common Excavation: 8,700 CY

Base Gravel: 6,600 CY

Pavement: 2,560 Ton

Granite Curb: 3,650 LF

Drainage Pipe: 530 LF

Underdrain Pipe: 1,120 LF

Precast Concrete Drainage Structures: 9 EA

24” and 30” Diameter Precast Concrete Foundations: 25 EA

Light Pole Foundations: 15 EA

Plantings: 370 EA

Lincoln Mill

Project Overview

The Lincoln Mill project is located in Biddeford’s mill district. The existing mill was constructed in the mid 1840’s and was used for textile manufacturing through 1976. The entire 3.5 acre site is currently being renovated and the existing building will be used as a hotel and housing apartments. Because of the extent of the renovations, crews began with the demolition and removal of multiple existing underground utilities and hardscape features on site. Following the demo, crews worked both inside and outside the building to make drainage improvements and install new underground utilities including power, water, sewer, and communications. Additional exterior work has included roadway and parking lot construction, installation of site lighting, and the construction of multiple retaining walls. The site work for this project is scheduled to be completed in the summer months of 2021. Remaining work includes curb installation, sidewalk construction, and miscellaneous landscape and hardscape improvements.

At a Glance

Owner: Chinburg Properties

Location: Biddeford, Maine

Project Value: $1,800,000

Engineer: Sebago Technics

Project Data

Excavation: 3,500 CY

Subbase and Base Gravels: 2,700 CY

Drainage Structures: 12 EA

Drainage Piping: 840 LF

Water Main Piping (6” and 12” dia.): 700 LF

Water Main Valves and Fittings (6” and 12” dia.): 11 EA

6’ x 12’ Precast Concrete Electrical Manholes: 3 EA

9’ x 9’ Electrical Transformer Pads: 3 EA

Electrical and Communications Conduit: 2,800 LF

Light Pole Bases: 22 EA

Curbing: 2,350 LF

Retaining Walls: 3,200 SF